Yorkshire Wind Orchestra

About the Yorkshire Wind Orchestra

The Yorkshire Wind Orchestra was formed as a direct result of the celebration of the Centenary of the Leeds City Charter in 1993, after a concert in Leeds Town Hall in which some 250 local wind players took part.

Keiron Anderson

Keiron Anderson

Musical Director and Conductor, Keiron Anderson, joined the group in 1995 and his programme of development has been a major contribution to the current level of excellence and the way in which the YWO perform today.

From the efforts of Frank Renton and Gerry White, a large wind ensemble of woodwind, brass and percussionists, performing to the highest possible standards, was started.

Since their inception, the YWO have performed an extensive repertoire of mainly modern works in Yorkshire and beyond and is now recognised as a leader in its musical field.

Many of the YWO players are professionally engaged in music; some primarily as performers, others as instrumental teachers in Yorkshire. Students and dedicated amateurs are also valued performers who make the Yorkshire Wind Orchestra a truly regional ensemble.

The YWO is a registered charity and is always actively seeking local sponsorship and support. Two important aspects of the objectives of the YWO are to promote the work of contemporary composers (especially British) and to encourage the development of young wind and percussion players in the Yorkshire region.

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